Kurdistan to Send a Document on Referendum to EP, UN, Congress


Kurdistan to Send a Document on Referendum to EP, UN, Congress

ERBIL — Kurdish officials are planning to write a document on the outcome of the independence referendum of Kurdistan to be sent to the European Parliament, the United Nations, and US Congress.

The Kurdistan Region’s parties are expected to meet for discussions over writing an official document about the results of the independence vote in order to send it to the European Parliament, UN, and US Congress.

The pact will explain the reasons behind holding a referendum and why the vast majority of the residents of the Kurdish areas outside Kurdistan Region’s administration have backed the secession from Iraq. It will also detail why Kurdistan Region proceeded with the vote despite the large-scale pressures and opposition.


The killing of “the military commander of Daish in Qaim” and five of his companions west of Anbar


A security source in the Anbar province’s operations command said on Saturday that Abu Hajar, the Saudi military commander of al-Qaim district, was killed in the western province of Anbar and five of his accomplices.

The source said that “the defendants Abu Hajar Saudi al-Daashi, the military official of the province of Qaim, west of Anbar, was killed and five facilities with an armed attack targeted his house in the center of the judiciary.”

“Unidentified gunmen in four-wheeled vehicles stormed the Saudi house and killed him with five of his escorts and then fled to an unknown destination,” the source said.

He added that “the leaders of Dahesh suffer from a bad situation as a result of large differences in the ranks of its fighters.”


Iraqi forces advancing towards the center of Hawija

Sep 30, 2017


The joint Iraqi forces continued their advance in the western and southeastern battle hubs in the attack on Hawija.

Colonel Naji Khalaf, head of the federal police, said that the joint forces were within five kilometers of the center of the judiciary on its western side and that they were preparing to break into it after the advance of the forces from the other axes.

He added that “other forces advanced south of the same axis towards the villages near the area of ​​the gap between the mountains of Hamrin and Mukhul, near the district of Baiji, which represents the administrative border between the provinces of Salah al-Din and Kirkuk, and it liberated a number of villages adjacent to the Tigris River.”

He pointed out that “the joint forces approached the liberation of the village of Masjak in the West Bank of the Tigris River, the last sites calling in Salahaddin province, as well as the presence of some elements are still hidden in the station Baiji thermal power.

In the south-east axis on the 110-km road between Tikrit and Kirkuk, the forces continued to advance after the Zghitun waterway crossed the villages of Rashad, which is 25 kilometers from the forces, which represent the armored vehicles and tanks. Iraqi Air Force and International Alliance.

In al-Bashir and al-Zarka axes, the forces are still waiting for the troops to reach their targets in order to join them.

The Hawija district includes the areas of Al-Zab and Al-Abbasi, which have been liberated, Riyadh, Al-Rashad and Al-Mawtada. It is located 300 km north of Baghdad and is the last site of the Islamic State in northern Iraq.



The Parliament of Kurdistan announces its position on Sistani’s plans

The Kurdistan Regional Parliament on Saturday welcomed the initiative of religious authority Ali al-Sistani to calm the situation.

“We welcome the initiative of the supreme authority, Ali al-Sistani, to calm the situation and call for the preservation of the rights of the Kurds,” the deputy speaker said in a speech.

The parliament of the Kurdistan region held on Saturday, a session to respond to the decisions of the Federal Parliament on the referendum.



Waves of IS Members from Hawija Surrendering to Peshmerga


The IS militants and their families are fleeing Hawija in large numbers

Waves of IS Members from Hawija Surrendering to Peshmerga

KIRKUK — After the operation to recapture Hawija district began, the Islamic State (IS) militants and their families are surrendering to Peshmerga forces in large numbers in southern Kirkuk Province, a commander said.

Kamal Kirkuki, Commander of Peshmerga forces for southern Kirkuk front, told BasNews “the IS militants and their families are fleeing Hawija in large numbers and surrendering to Peshmerga forces.”

Kirkuki noted that the extremist organization is expected to change its terrorist tactics to conducting secret acts as the organization is no longer able to take hold of an area.

“The IS militants are bringing their families to the Peshmerga positions,” he said, adding “1,700 IS members, including women and children have arrived at the Peshmerga fronts.”

Kirkuki explained that they are planning to form a committee to investigate the fleeing individuals from Hawija who claim they have no links to IS.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on Friday the second phase of Hawija operation.



The popular crowd completes the clearance of the Hamrin hills adjacent to the southeast of Hawija

Editorial Date:2017/9/30 8:0018 times scheduled
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The Popular Brigades, Saturday, cleared the hills of Hamrin near the southeast of Hawija.
“Popular Brigades brigades 2 – 11 – 42, completed this morning, cleared the hills of Hamrin, adjacent to the south – east of Hawija,” the mass media said in a statement received by the Euphrates News Agency today.
The Popular Forces and the security forces resumed, at dawn Saturday, the second day of the front page of the second phase of the liberation of Hawija.