Iraqi forces will control the borders of Kurdistan from abroad

30 September, 2017

Part of the joint Iraqi-Turkish exercises last week on the border between the two countries

AP BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi forces stationed in Turkey and Iran will work on Saturday to control the land border crossings of Iraq’s Kurdistan region but will not enter the territory, the Associated Press reported on Saturday.
The intelligence official at the border crossing of the Kurdistan region with Turkey, Abdul Wahab Barzani, the agency the presence of Iraqi forces on the Turkish side, explaining that he has information that the Iraqi forces will establish a customs point 15 meters on the Turkish side.
But Barzani said, “They have not contacted us yet.”
The Iraqi Defense Ministry said on Friday that the central government intends to control the border crossings with the region in coordination with Iran and Turkey, in response to the referendum.
“The implementation of the decisions of the central government in the exercise of the federal authorities their constitutional powers to manage all border crossings and airports are conducted as planned in coordination with the relevant authorities and neighboring countries and there is no delay in the proceedings.”
The contents of the statement indicated that the Iraqi forces are planning to move towards the border ports controlled by the territorial government on the Iranian and Turkish sides.
The ban on international flights imposed by Baghdad authorities to and from airports in the Kurdistan region at 6 pm on Friday came into force indefinitely.
The Minister of Transport and Communications in Iraqi Kurdistan Mouloud Murad refused to receive any security elements or officers from Baghdad to oversee the airports of the region.
Source: Associated Press / Reuters


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