Al-Saadi: We are close to liberating North and South Hawija

30 September, 2017

Iraqi forces in the district of Hawija

Iraqi forces in the district of Hawija


The commander of the second elite forces in the Iraqi counter-terrorism, Major General Maan al-Saadi Saturday that the ongoing operations in the northern and southern axis of the province of Hawija in Kirkuk province close to completion.
Al-Saadi said in an interview with “Al-Hurra” that the joint Iraqi forces took control of 26 villages in the west of the judiciary and liberated the Hamrin mountain range.

The second day of the second phase of the Hawijah operations took place on Saturday morning.
The military official said intelligence reports indicated that a number of gunmen had called in Hawija about a thousand people, referring to the killing of 50 fighters of the organization on Friday and the destruction of a number of car bombs and wheels carrying medium weapons and a warehouse of equipment.
Federal Police Chief Major-General Raed Shaker Jawdat said on Saturday that the joint forces had taken over 90 square kilometers of judicial land and liberated the areas adjacent to the mountains of Makhoul as well as 10 kilometers from the town of Hawija.
The commander of the liberation of Hawija, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah in a statement raising the Iraqi flag over the buildings liberated villages Saturday, and the continued progress of the joint forces.
Source: Free Website


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