Agreement on securing the international road west of Anbar

27/9/2017 12:00 am

Concurrent operations in Hawija and Rawa

Baghdad / Sabah Salahuddin / Samir Adel
The military units and the brigades have completed preparations for the critical stage of the battle to liberate Hawijah and its surroundings.

Meanwhile, the Popular Popular Command and the army have agreed on steps to secure the international road west of Anbar as a large-scale road survey is underway to break into the city of Rawa near the Syrian border.
Flexible pieces of movement
has announced the leadership of the crowd Alhobei- axis of the north, yesterday, completing preparations for troops to fight the second phase of the liberation areas ofHawija and await the orders of the leadership of the joint operations to be launched. The official spokesman Ali Hashim al-Husseini: The formations of the army and the federal police with a group of popular mobilization 15, 16, 52 and 18 are preparing to carry out this crucial phase of the liberation of the province of Hawija after the success of the clearance of large areas around him and eastern Salahuddin in record time and military tactics amazing, The Popular Forces forces, with the participation of the Tigris, the Commando Brigade and the police forces of Emreli and Al-Tawz, supported the army’s air force from clearing 46 square kilometers in the Zarka district east of Salah al-Din in a record time and opening the Zerqa bridge between Tuz Khurmatu and Tikrit and erecting a military bridge. The supply routes of the gangs between East Salahaddin and north-west of Diyala.
Al-Husseini predicted that the next few days will see great progress for these forces in the liberation of Hawija after opening the link between Hamrin and Tuz Khurmato across the bridge of the Zarka, revealing that the forces that participate in this axis is very large and is the identity of the popular crowd and the commanders of the operations of the Tigris, Salahuddin, Which will rush through the coming hours towards central Hawija. He pointed out that the restoration of the bridge was a miracle because it extends about one kilometer and was completely destroyed by criminal gangs, but the engineering effort of the crowd was able to rehabilitate the road through the construction of a dirt road without disbursing any amounts. Clearing areas of rugged  and western cutter of Hawija, correspondent (morning) commander Salah al – Din Operations Lt. Gen. Juma ‘sintransigence, saying that the cuts Almottaghvlh from a counter – terrorism and the band 20 and the crowd popular and the backing Army Air Chen combing operations in search of pockets Daesh disguised in a mountain range Mukhoul and areas south of the district of Sharqat after the liberation recently to clear the area completely and remove the remnants of these terrorists defeated by the packaging and remnants of the car bombs and secret hideouts, recalling that the process of editing the mountain range of Makhoul resulted in the killing of 50 terrorists, including prominent leaders Badash, indicating that this series is M Mountainous clunk tightly and was easily obtainable to prevent the return of Aldoaash it.      On the other hand, the Director of Operations Operations Intelligence Brigadier General Abbas Idan announced that the Director of Military Intelligence deployed detachments equipped with a modern aircraft system on the axes of the military units in Hawija and the mountains of Makhoul and Isr in the district of Al-Sharqat, to provide intelligence information and support and reconnaissance of the military parts of the locations of terrorists and their movements to They were preemptively destroyed by the army’s air force and cocked arms.      A spokesman for the Salah al-Din Operations Command, Col. Mohammad al-Asadi, said that work is under way to clean up another stronghold of al-Mawash, north of the province, represented by the al-Mushaj area, in the context of the liberation of Hawija, with the participation of the anti-terrorism forces and the popular and clan mobilization. As a prelude to storming Rawa and  moving to the Anbar district, the commander of the popular mobilization of the western axis of the province, Qasim Musleh, said that an agreement was reached between the crowd and the army on steps to secure the international road west of Anbar and protect liberated areas.He said that an expanded meeting was held with the commander of the 1st Division of the Army, Brigadier General Star Jabbar al-Ghazi, to discuss joint coordination between the two sides to secure the liberated areas and to work on the liberation of the remaining villages and to ensure that they are free of terrorists. The meeting resulted in the establishment of joint controls on the international road and providing it to passers-by as an important economic artery Of the country. At the same time, a member of the security committee of the provincial council, Barakat al-Issawi, pointed out that our forces conducted a large-scale pre-emptive combing operations focused on the main roads and sub-roads leading to the district of Rawa, in preparation for its incursion in conjunction with the air force bombing concentrated for the Da’ash caches. He added that the military units and the backup forces are working to secure all roads leading to the city before the start of the operation to be broken into, indicating that the explosive ordnance squad is raising explosive devices and explosives placed on those roads to ensure the safety of advanced forces and flexibility of movements. A joint force of the Seventh Brigade Commanders and the Popular Rally carried out an attack on the outskirts of Rawah city, in which 11 terrorists were killed, including the so-called “Bada’ish” legal governor, along with the destruction of five additives used by the same men in the same area.


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