Abadi sets a condition for negotiations with the Kurds [extended]


Release Date: 2017/9/26 21:20 • 57 times read
[Ayna – Baghdad]
Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, a condition for negotiations with the Kurdistan region, “revealing” the establishment of parties in the region – not named – to deposit the imports of Kurdish oil in personal accounts abroad.
“The referendum is a unilateral process that does not respect the partners and its repercussions are catastrophic, and we want the Kurds to negotiate because the constitutional procedures of the federal government will harm them,” Abadi said at his weekly press conference on Tuesday.
“We will not negotiate with the region on the results of the referendum because it is illegal and contrary to the Constitution and can cancel the results of the referendum and then return to negotiate,” stressing “will not secede from the unity of Iraq and this constitutional duty and the Constitution stressed the unity and sovereignty of Iraq.”
“Iraq is strong with all its sons and will be weak by the weakness of its two sons,” noting that “under the tyrant was using Iraq strong to suppress the people and today, on the contrary, strong Iraq to protect the people.”
Abadi pointed out that “some unfortunately plan for a weak Iraq and imagine that it will be stronger and it is wrong,” adding that ”
He warned the Prime Minister “of the repercussions of the referendum, which will cause damage in Kurdistan and Iraq in general,” surprising “throwing the crimes of the former regime from one nationality to another.”
He stressed that “the federal government will not practice the practices of repression as in the former regime and do not follow the sectarian approach and sectarian and racist, but we will impose power according to the Constitution.”
He explained that “the oil resources in Kurdistan must return to the central government and the region receives a high proportion of imports as well as grants and foreign financial loans, which is part of the constitutional right.”
Abadi stressed that “the government has begun to implement measures on the region but will not affect the dignity of citizens and their livelihood, especially the Kurds,” accusing “the Kurdish media to translate our statements and actions by mistake and delete many things to prevent the arrival of the truth of the Kurdish citizens, but we emphasize that all our actions are not directed against the Kurdish people, To tighten the protection of the Kurdish citizens in Baghdad and any province they are in and will not allow harm to any Iraqi citizen, especially the Kurdish citizen and will remain Iraqis and defend them and their interests. ”
He added that “our decisions towards the region is merciful to the Kurdish people to take care of their interests and away from any friction we are strong in the unity of our people and not aggression and punishment, and we have no punitive action against the Kurds, but some want to get things to fight hatred statements and we asked the region to hand over oil to the federal government And we will restore resources to the budget and allocate it to the people of the region. ”
He pointed out that “Turkey remains a neighboring country and has become a joint military exercise, which is healthy to protect the border between the two countries and the region as well.”
“Our forces have achieved victories in Anbar and Hawija, and we have not changed our priorities in the war. We are continuing to liberate all Iraqi territory. We will soon liberate other areas and liberate a large part of the occupied area in Kirkuk,” he said.
He said that “Da’ash is still occupying parts of the Iraqi territory, including part of Kirkuk, and there are those who want to drag us into an internal crisis to divide Iraq through an unconstitutional, illegitimate and rejected referendum locally and internationally.”
“The government demands that the international community not recognize the legitimacy of the referendum,” Abadi said. “We will meet an official invitation to visit France next month to support Iraq in the fight against terrorism and support the unity of Iraq.”



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