These are the details of the Alternative Project for the referendum

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 one hour ago

The United Nations presented a proposal known as the “alternative project” to the President of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani, to abandon the referendum expected on 25 of this month, in exchange for helping to reach an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil in a maximum of three years.
According to the document presented by the UN envoy to Iraq Jan Kubis Thursday to Barzani, and said Agence France-Presse that it obtained a copy in Erbil, the proposal for the Iraqi government and the territorial government immediately launched “negotiations, organized, intensive and intensive, without preconditions and an agenda Open to ways to solve all problems, dealing with the principles and arrangements that will determine future relations and cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil. ”
The two sides should conclude their negotiations within two to three years and can request “the United Nations, on behalf of the international community, to offer its good offices both in the negotiation process and in the development of results and conclusions.”
In contrast, “the government of Kurdistan decides not to hold a referendum on September 25.”
The Kurdistan Parliament of Iraq approved Friday, as expected, to hold a referendum on the independence of the province on schedule.
The document states that “the Security Council shall continue to follow up the implementation of this Agreement through regular reports of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.”
After several setbacks, while accusing the Kurdistan region of Baghdad not to fulfill its promises, the United Nations intends to reassure Erbil by committing to play a key role.
In response to a question by AFP, Kubis said that “there is an offer, if the Kurds agree to this alternative, negotiations will be held.” He said he expected a response from Barzani in “two or three days.”
The interview comes despite the fact that Barzani repeated over the past two days the determination of the region to proceed with the referendum and not to receive any suitable alternative to the referendum.

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