The Kurdistan region receives more objections to the independence referendum



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Dia Hassoun
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Interview with Saadi Bira / member of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Hadi Jalo Mari / head of the Iraqi political decision-making center

The White House said the United States urges the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to cancel the referendum and engage in dialogue with the central government in Baghdad.

The White House said in a statement that it does not support the referendum, on the separation of the territory from Iraq, saying that it hinders the fight against the organization “Dahesh.”

For his part, Prime Minister of Turkey Ben Ali Yildirim said Friday that his country has drawn up a clear and accurate plan to react if a decision was taken to independence in the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan.

“The leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan has taken a totally wrong decision and insists on holding a referendum on independence,” he said. “Baghdad opposes it, as do Iran, Turkey, the United States and many other countries.” We do not accept this step that will destroy Iraq’s federal structure. “We will see the reaction of this organization.”

The Iraqi parliament also rejected the decision of the referendum, while at the same time governor of Kirkuk, Najmuddin Karim from office after the decision of the judge to participate in the province of Kirkuk in the referendum scheduled for the 25 of this month.

On these developments, Saadi Pira says: There is no alternative to the referendum yet, so the referendum will be held on schedule, but there are special committees to study what was proposed by the United States of America and the Ambassador of Britain and the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and submitted to the leadership of Kurdistan, for the latter study and then presented to the Supreme Committee To the referendum, tomorrow will announce the final decision.

The subject of the referendum was discussed with the United States of America, European countries and Russia. We told them that it was possible to reach an agreement with the central government, but we have no confidence in the Iraqi government to implement what will be agreed upon. By the United Nations, the League of Arab States or the States members of the Security Council. And will be heading to Baghdad in the next few days to enter the second round of dialogue with representatives of the National Alliance, which represents the majority in the Iraqi parliament, and will be a kind of wording for the reasons that prompted the Kurds to think about the referendum. If we get some kind of international guarantees, we will convince the Kurdish community to postpone the referendum.

For his part, says Hadi Glow Meri: President Masoud Barzani is moving ahead with the referendum, but the nature of what will happen after the referendum is the one that will determine the course, and we see today that the Turkish President called for a meeting of the Turkish National Security Council three days before the referendum, which means that the Turkish leadership is fully aware that there is a decision In the Kurdistan region to hold the referendum, so Turkey is forced to take more escalating steps like Baghdad, Damascus and Tehran, where the latter said the referendum will move the region to a dangerous level of confrontation. To date there is no evidence of Barzani’s intention to postpone the referendum.

International positions do not seem to be hard on the Kurds. The Americans are not anti-Kurdish, because they have bases in this region. Even in the event of war, I do not think the Iranians, the Iraqis or the Turks will go away against the Kurds. , If Mr. Barzani decided to annex Kirkuk to the Kurdistan region, I think that Turkey, Iran, Baghdad and Damascus will move, but if not serious steps to annex Kirkuk, I do not think there will be an inevitable confrontation, so the whole subject is linked to the next steps that will follow the vote in The referendum.

Prepared by: Diaa Ibrahim Hassoun


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