Masoum: We decided to launch an initiative for dialogue and begin by inviting political leaders to intensive meetings

Date of release: 2017/9/16 21:48 • 119 times read

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) President Fuad Masoum launched an initiative for dialogue during which he invited political leaders to intensive meetings in order to resolve the political crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.
“Our dear country faces a political crisis that threatens to aggravate the political process and the supreme national interest in the face of grave threats and threats that our constitutional responsibility does not allow us to leave on the west,” he said in a press release. The level of the Kurdistan region and the federal authority to the need to address immediately to address them, as a top priority, whatever the need of extraordinary efforts … To ensure the successful access to peaceful and democratic solutions based on the principle of partnership and understanding the aspirations of the people of Kurdistan and all citizens The rejection of provocative and extremist positions and move forward in laying the necessary trust between the two sides and moving together to build the state of citizenship and the rights we all aspire to. ” “Building for the sake of public interest, we decided to launch an initiative for dialogue and start by inviting leaders and leaders of political forces to hold intensive meetings to reach concrete and urgent solutions to overcome this crisis and to work together to achieve the common goals and address the shortcomings and mistakes, Attitudes “. “We are fully confident in our people’s ability to overcome this crisis and come out of it stronger and more resolute and more determined to address its current problems and develop a democratic political system and build its bright future.” He said Masoum “to cancel his travel to the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations and the task of the Prime Minister to give the word of Iraq for the purpose of immediate commencement of the implementation of this initiative.”

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