The Supreme Council moves against the referendum and the Barzani party denies adopting the project alone

Journal September 11, 2017
Baghdad – Journal News
The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which is headed by the Kurdistan region’s outgoing president Massoud Barzani, denied on Monday that it is building a referendum on independence in the Kurdistan region and that “the Supreme Committee for the referendum is composed of Kurdish parties in the region.”
“The Supreme Committee for the Referendum in the Region is composed of all the Kurdish political parties and the referendum can not be adopted by a particular party,” said Ashwaq al-Jaf, the party’s deputy for the Journal News.
The Peshmerga forces are responsible for the security of the citizens in the province after a crushing defeat, “Jaf said.” The Peshmerga forces are responsible for maintaining the province and no fault for the Kurds in the withdrawal of the Iraqi army from Kirkuk during the invasion of the organization calling for the province.
“The Kurds are their peace strategy, but those who threaten the Peshmerga must know that the Kurds are the first to fight in Iraq and are capable of protecting the Kurdish people from the threats and language of threats that have gone with the former regime,” she said. .
She pointed out that “the referendum to be held in the Kurdistan region is a legitimate right of the Kurdish people and the objectors to provide legal alternatives” is considered to be “defending Kirkuk from politicians looking for electoral votes.”
The Supreme Islamic Council said it would move against the referendum, which insists on conducting the outgoing Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, stressing at the same time openness to resolve all outstanding issues with the Kurds.
“The Supreme Council will move first in the face of the referendum, which is aimed at dividing Iraq,” Council leader Baqir Jabr al-Zubaidi told the Journal News. He wondered about the reason for his conduct in the shadow of the war and his reliance on important areas Iraq is working to liberate, especially in Anbar. .
He stressed: “The Kurds understand the unity of Iraq and their claim that the problems have been stuck for years with the central government can be resolved.”
Stressing that “there is a welcome for understanding and the formation of real practical committees to reach a solution to these problems one way or another.”
The Badr parliamentary bloc warned on Monday of an armed clash between the components of Kirkuk against the backdrop of the deployment of Kurdish forces in addition to Peshmerga in mixed areas in the province.
Kurdish President Massoud Barzani said on Monday that the Kurds are ready to fight for the annexation of the province of Kirkuk to the referendum on the secession of the province, wondering “when Iraq is united so that we fear the fragmentation of unity.”


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