Each referendum movement calls for Kurds to vote “no” for ruling the royal family

Political Since 2017-09-09 at 18:24 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad Mawazine News

A member of the movement (both for the referendum at the present time) and the former MP in the Parliament of Kurdistan, Ismail Kalali, on Saturday, appealed to the Kurdish people to appeal to him to vote (both) for the independence of the Kurdistan region and make the twenty-fifth of September days to try and hold the corrupt who stole the wealth of the Kurds and confiscated their freedoms In the name of false independence.

He said Kalali during a statement read / Mawazine News / a copy of it, that the twenty-fifth of this month, will be the day of the major duel with the corrupt and colonial agents and killers of freedom as he put it, pointing out that he described as “stray and corrupt group began six And twenty years to achieve their interests through the exploitation of blood and fatigue and misery and the tears of the Kurdish people and steal his strength and freedoms. ”

These are just a group of political gangs, a group of blood and destruction traders, a bunch of corrupt cards in the hands of the regional powers, trying to play the balance of independence to steal your future, as they stole your freedom, ostentatiously in the name of false independence, Hired fighters of Turkey and other regional powers. ”

He added that “the twenty-fifth of this month should be the day of the Intifada against injustice and tyranny. This is a precious opportunity to make the fake referendum day a trial for the spoilers and thieves who looted our wealth. Let this day be the day of strict punishment before the eyes of the world. Their false heads, indicating the depth of political and rational knowledge. ”

“These dwarfs can not put down the light of thought and culture of our people in Kurdistan, when we say (both) that we are not the ones who can not stand up to the people of Kurdistan, We are breaking the tyranny of these tyrants. No word means that the hope and will of a people who fought and sacrificed their blood for freedom, justice and the spirit of tolerance among peoples will not be shaken. ”

“We say every word to the ruling of the royal family, not to the oil traders, neither to those who steal innocent people’s blood from the milk of children and medicine, both to a state that has become a puppet of neighboring countries and fights against the sons of other sections,” he said on September 25. From fragmented Kurdistan and launching attacks against its rebels in the territory of the motherland Kurdistan. ”

It is noteworthy that the movement (both at the present time) for the referendum in the Kurdistan region, led by (Shawwar Abdel Wahid), started in the city of Sulaymaniyah on the eighth of last August, with the participation of political figures, writers, journalists and activists in civil society, demanding the postponement of the referendum scheduled for the 25th of the month September with the suspension of the parliament of Kurdistan for about two years


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