The parliamentary economy calls for the establishment of a fund to collect international grants for Iraq

money and business
Economy News _ Baghdad

A member of the parliamentary economic committee Najibah Najib on Thursday called for the establishment of a fund to raise international financial grants under international monitoring and monitoring, indicating that all donations received by Iraq to rebuild the liberated areas did not appear on the ground and did not see the light.

“Most European and Arab countries have donated to Iraq financial grants to rebuild the devastated cities after liberation from an organized organization, but to this day there are no service projects to restore normal life in these cities and most of the displaced people in the camps,” Najib said in an interview with the Economist News. Liberating their cities, “calling for” the establishment of a fund to collect international financial grants under the supervision and follow-up international to rebuild the cities of the destruction of a very short period and the preservation of funds allocated to Iraq and the end of the crisis of the displaced. “

“The UN supervision will follow up the doors of disbursement of financial grants and preserve them from waste and corruption, and also agree and contract with companies to rebuild the cities destroyed under international provisions.”


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