National Union meeting and change ended without agreement


Editorial date: 2017/9/5 15:2461 times read
(Sulaymaniyah: Euphrates News) The meeting between the presidency of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and the Movement for Change, ended Tuesday, held in Sulaymaniyah, without reaching any agreement.
According to a source familiar with the Kurdish news agencies that “the presidency of the National Union was unable to persuade the movement of change to abandon its demands to postpone the referendum scheduled for September 25 for the independence of the Kurdistan region,”
According to information, “the movement also refused to activate the parliament as called for by the party The Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. ”
The meeting was held earlier in the morning, the last meeting between the two sides before the referendum, according to informed sources.
It is noteworthy that the Movement for Change and the Islamic Group held on Monday, a meeting chaired by the coordinator of the movement Omar Sid Ali, and the leader of the group on Papier, was issued an official communiqué after the meeting, in which both sides called for the postponement of the referendum for another date.

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