Kurdistan officially launches its campaign for the referendum


Date of release: 2017/9/5 10:17118 times scheduled
{Erbil: Euphrates News} Campaign launched for the referendum of the Kurdistan Region, on Tuesday, formally, and is scheduled to continue the campaign until September 22.
A mass publicity campaign was held after midnight on Monday in Erbil, with the participation of a large number of citizens in the Arbil fort.
The Independent High Commission for Elections and Referendum in the Kurdistan Region, on Sunday, the date of launching the propaganda campaign for the referendum of the independence of the Kurdistan Region, to begin the campaign from 5 September and continue until 22-9-2017, ie for 18 days.

It is noteworthy that the Independent Electoral Commission for elections and the referendum in the Kurdistan region, said on Monday, that 5 million and a half million people are entitled to cast their votes in the referendum on independence scheduled for the twenty-fifth of September this comes amidst Baghdad and many countries.




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