, the British minister: dialogue Erbil – Baghdad will continue to referendum day .. And Kurdistan is not Scotland

British Minister: Dialogue Erbil - Baghdad will continue to referendum day .. And Kurdistan is not Scotland
6 hours ago

Britain’s Minister for Middle East and North Africa, Alistair Burt, said the issue of the referendum on Kurdistan independence is different in history and geography than the Scottish referendum on Britain.
“We understand very well the importance of the referendum to the Kurds, and we do not think they will spend it outside the framework of the dialogue with Baghdad,” Burt said after meeting Barbil with the official of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s foreign relations department.
He added that “Britain is happy to support the two parties, all in the way of the success of these dialogues between Erbil and Baghdad, and we believe that these dialogues will continue until the twenty-fifth of September, and has informed us of the parties to our concerns, and explained to us that the discussions will continue in the coming weeks, Or in Baghdad as well. ”
“It is difficult to compare the referendum in the Kurdistan Region with another place, because the situation varies from region to region and is appropriate to the situation of these countries. The relations between Scotland and Britain are completely different from the situation in this region, which has a background Private and its different history “.

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