Talabani: Potential developments require more than any time Kurdish unity

 Twilight News    

 50 minutes ago
“The conditions of the region require the unity of the Kurdish row, especially with regard to national issues, pointing out that the doors of the region is open to peacefully reach with Baghdad to resolve all the outstanding problems between the parties. 

Talabani made the remarks during a meeting with British Minister for Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt on Monday in Arbil, where he praised the role of the British government in the permanent support of the people of Kurdistan, especially in the war against the organization calling the terrorist, stressing that the provincial government seeks to continue these relations to include All-round.

Talabani said on the internal situation in Kurdistan that “attempts to restore confidence between the political parties, to build the unity of the political and social row on the level of national issues and all current issues, explaining that the current situation requires us to be more unified than ever before, especially in the issue of right Self-determination and ways to counter any possible developments in the region, which all indicators show are on their way. ” 

On the relations between Arbil and Baghdad, Talabani said that “our doors are always open to reach a solution between Erbil and Baghdad in relation to outstanding problems.” 

As for reforms in Kurdistan, Talabani pointed out that government reforms are necessary to overcome all obstacles and formulate a health policy for the future of the people.

For his part, Alastair Burt, British Minister for Middle East and North Africa, praised the heroic role of the Peshmerga forces and all Iraqi forces in the war against Da’ash, stressing that the British government continues its relations with the Kurdistan Region and provide all support and cooperation to carry out reforms in Kurdistan to overcome the crises.


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