Jordan: The Iraqi market is a fundamental pillar of our industry



Chairman of Jordanian Exporters Association Eng. Omar Abu Shasha
money and business

Economy News Baghdad:

The head of the Jordan Exporters Association, Engineer Omar Abu Shasha, confirmed that the reopening of the Trabil border crossing will restore life to the two countries’ trade relations in terms of Jordanian industrial goods and products, praising the government efforts exerted in this regard.

“The opening of the Trebil crossing will constitute a qualitative shift in the level of bilateral economic relations between the two countries and facilitate the movement of citizens and goods in both directions, reflecting their common interests,” Abu Washah said in a press statement.

“The Jordanian exports to Iraq have decreased since the closure of the Trebil crossing by about 1.5 billion dollars to reach 560 million dollars by the end of last year,” he said, pointing out that “Jordanian exports to the Iraqi market accounted for about 20 percent of the total exports of the Kingdom.”

“Iraq is considered one of the most important trading partners of Jordan, which is the main nerve of the Jordanian industry and enjoys priority and priority among many Jordanian traders, importers and industrialists who prefer its market to other Arab and international markets,” he said, stressing that there should be a quick visit to a Jordanian industrial delegation To meet Iraqi officials from the public and private sectors to consolidate the presence of national industry in the Iraqi market and maintain its share, which fell somewhat because of the closure of the crossing for about two years.

“The national industry, with its quality and high competitiveness, is able to regain its presence in the Iraqi market because consumers there know its products, in addition to the presence of Iraqi investors who have been working in the Jordanian industrial sector for many years,” he said.

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