Barzani is withdrawing from the referendum and is considering postponing him for six months

Journal August 30, 2017

Baghdad – Journal News
The head of the Kurdistan region (outgoing), Massoud Barzani, acknowledged the existence of wide opposition to the referendum, which the region intends to hold on the 25th of next month, likely to postpone him to 6 months. 

Barzani said in a press interview on Wednesday that “there is a higher council for the referendum is the political leadership in Kurdistan, which is decided unanimously, not the decision of one person. But if there are, as we hear from many parties, the timing is inappropriate and postponed for six months or a year, is there a willingness to sign a document that on 25 September 2018, for example, will recognize the results of the referendum may be studied such an alternative if it is on “He said.
He added that “this alternative must be before” first of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi parliament and then the American guarantee and the international coalition and the European Union and the United Nations. If not available, this means that the referendum is on schedule. ”


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