Talabani: Kurdistan referendum lacks legal cover

Journal August 27, 2017

Baghdad – Journal News
The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the activation of the legislative institutions and the Parliament of Kurdistan is the primary priority for the Union even from the popular referendum on self-determination.
“Any attempt to activate the Kurdistan parliament and legislative institutions without the participation of the movement of change will be reflected negatively on the democratic experience of the Kurdistan region on regional and international forums,” said Aso Mamand, a member of the political bureau and leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, in a press statement Sunday. “The activation of the Kurdistan parliament is more important than the referendum Which lacks a national legal and collective cover for the PUK, especially since the referendum process is a complex legal process that needs to be passed by legislative institutions that represent the voice of citizens. ”
He explained that “the time of the Kurdistan region especially in front of the political parties less than a month to find solutions to address the current situation, noting that the continuation of problems and differences in the ranks of the Kurdish house will lead to distrust of Kurdish citizens of the political process and administrative.


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