Security expert: Tal Afar is a step towards world peace

Security Scene Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 18: 09 pm 

Baghdad / Sky Press: a
Iraqi security and strategic expert Ahmad al-Sharifi said that Tal Afar is one of the important strategic cities of Iraq’s sovereignty. It connects the Turkish, Iraqi and Syrian borders and is considered a connecting line to the Saudi border and the Mosul-Mosul border line through the Iraqi-Syrian border and Deir al-Zour heading for the Mediterranean Sea.
Al-Shuraifi explained that Tal Afar is strategically important as a crossing point for energy in Iraq. Therefore, the liberation of Tal Afar from the organization “Daqash” has an important political dimension and makes Iraq a new challenge to world peace, pointing out that victory means the end of the organization “Dahesh” as a military threat to the country In the past period, but this does not mean the final elimination of the threat in terms of security.
Al-Sharifi noted the need to manage the conflict with “Da’ash” and terrorism as a whole through a strategy of security deterrent backed by the technical effort, pointing out that the public opinion and friendly countries hope that this victory will make a shift in the political component of the country.
 He stressed that “there is no agreement on the national constants in the country, because there are fears of political unrest; because everyone wants to ride the wave after the military victory for the achievement of special political gains.”
Al-Sharifi said he believes that the political model does not amount to the military gains achieved, pointing out that the upcoming elections will not allow an alternative to reform the political situation of the desire of the sects and forces not to compromise on the interests achieved in light of the spread of corruption, which if revealed will knock large heads, .
The Joint Operations Command has announced, on Saturday, the imposition of control over 90% of the center of the district of Tal Afar, Nineveh province, while confirmed the continuation of military operations until the liberation of the judiciary from the grip of the organization, “Dahesh” in full.
The commander of the operations of “come to Tal Afar,” the team Abdul Amir Rasheed Yarallah, announced earlier today, the liberation of all districts of the district of Tal Afar, noting that what is left of the arena of operations, is Ayadiyah and the surrounding villages.

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