Movement for Change: Barzani on his way to postpone the referendum and the introductions will begin from Baghdad and under American auspices

Policy access_time 2017/08/26 

Baghdad today – Arbil
MP of the parliamentary bloc of change Kawa Mohammed, Saturday, that the Democratic Party of Kurdistan has shown flexibility in postponing the referendum, indicating that a Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad to complete the platforms to resolve the outstanding problems between the center and the region, “US sponsorship.”
“The Kurdish delegation will return to Baghdad after Eid al-Adha holiday, to complete political talks with the federal government and under the auspices of America,” Mohammad said in an exclusive interview with Baghdad today.
He added that “will complete discussions on resolving outstanding problems, between the two sides, rather than hold a referendum,” noting that “there is some flexibility by the Kurdistan Democratic Party to postpone the referendum.”
“The referendum is an inappropriate step, and the internal situation in Kurdistan is political and economic, is not prepared and there is internal dissatisfaction and resentment about the timing and procedures of the referendum,” he stressed. “Barzani should stick to the internal voices to reverse the decision to hold the referendum.”
The Kurdish delegation arrived in Baghdad on Monday, August 14, and met with the Prime Minister Haider Abadi.
 “The dialogue with the Kurdish delegation was in accordance with the interests of the country,” Abadi said in his weekly speech, adding that “the atmosphere of respect and understanding dominated the government meeting with the Kurdish delegation.”
Abadi called on Kurdistan officials to “cooperate in the field of returning displaced people to their liberated areas in Ninewa,” adding that “the government is working to employ social networks to protect citizens and reduce their use badly.”
The Kurdish newspaper that the Kurdish delegation, which visited Baghdad, failed to convince the federal government to support a referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region to be held on 25 of next month.
The newspaper said quoting a source in the National Alliance, which belongs to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said that “the delegation tried to get support from Abadi on the subject of the referendum, but he expressed his absolute rejection, and asked the Kurdish delegation to negotiate with the federal government on outstanding issues between the parties.”
The MP of the Badr parliamentary bloc, Amal Attia said in a statement to (Baghdad today), “The Secretary-General of the Badr Organization Hadi al-Ameri said during a meeting with the Kurdish delegation, his rejection of the separation of Kurdistan and the referendum, because it presents Iraq to the division


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