France declares Barzani commitment to support the Peshmerga and the survival of its forces in the region to fight “Dahesh” 

 Twilight News     23 minutes ago

AFP / France announced its support for the Kurdistan region and Peshmerga forces fighting militants. 

The President of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani received on Saturday, a senior French delegation included Foreign Ministers Yves Laudrian and Defense, Florence Barley and the accompanying delegation, pointing out that the meeting in the presence of Vice-President of the province, Kosrat Rasul Ali and a number of officials Administrators and military. 

During the meeting, the French foreign minister stressed the friendly relations between the two peoples, stressing that even with the change of the president and the government of his country, the relations between the two sides remain continuous and friendly.

France’s defense minister praised the heroic role of the Peshmerga forces and pointed to the permanent threat posed by terrorism at the global level. 

In another part of the meeting, the French Foreign Minister thanked the people of Kurdistan in hosting the large numbers of displaced persons and displaced persons, praising the region’s treatment of the displaced and the desire of his country to return the displaced to their areas. 

The French minister explained in another part of the meeting the official position of his country on the referendum and called for continued dialogue between the region and Baghdad until reaching a result satisfactory to both sides. 

Barzani, for his part, thanked the people, the president and the French government and promised a great friend to the people of Kurdistan, highlighting the dangers of terrorism, the liberation of Mosul and the role of the Peshmerga in the process, and said that in order to ensure the stability of the region after the ” Combating the causes of al-Qaeda’s emergence and “preaching” In addition to the military war, there must be an intellectual, economic and social war against terrorism. 

Barzani expressed concern about the situation after the “call” and the emergence of a new problem is the lack of clear political plans, although the Kurdish political leadership confirmed before the process of liberating Mosul on the existence of a political plan suitable for that stage. 

On the reconstruction of Mosul Barzani pointed out that the reconstruction of Mosul out of the possibilities of the Iraqi government, pointing out that Kurdistan will remain a safe haven for the displaced until they return to their original areas. 

On the referendum, Barzani told the delegation clearly that the people of Kurdistan can not repeat the failed experiments, noting that as long as the voluntary union has failed and the term of partnership has been neglected for 100 years, the people of Kurdistan have chosen their way and want to live with Baghdad as good neighbors with friendly relations. 

Barzani stressed that the referendum is a democratic right for the people of Kurdistan, which is taking steps towards independence from violence and peace mechanisms in dialogue with Baghdad before and after the referendum. He called on France as a symbol and supporter of freedom to understand the desire of the people of Kurdistan and the suffering of the nation over the last hundred years. 

At the end of the meeting, the two sides stressed the continuation of friendship and coordination between them.

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