The earliest sign of the liberation of Tal Afar .. How much is occupying the preachers of the territory of Iraq?

Release Date: 2017/8/25 0:00 

The earliest sign of the liberation of Tal Afar .. How much is occupying the preachers of the territory of Iraq?

Baghdad: The parliamentary security and defense committee revealed an expectation to liberate the city of Tal Afar west of Mosul, which is closest to liberating Iraq’s largest districts and the last stronghold of terrorist gangs in Nineveh province.

“The battle is quick and I do not think it will be more than two weeks because the resistance of al-Da’ash is simple and can not resist the large attacking force,” the head of the committee, al-Zamili, said in an interview with the Calus program broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel on Thursday night. . 

He pointed out that “95% of the families currently present in the judiciary are for the eviction after the displacement of the original families,” revealing “the arrest of two of the motives led to important information about terrorists inside the city, including they have an old Russian tank {T-52} and primitive weapons.” 

“The important military technical commands in Dahesh are foreigners and in Mosul alone there were about 8,000 volunteers from Europe and 9,000 from Asia, in addition to the Arab countries, mostly from Tunisia, with 6,000 fighters and then from Saudi Arabia and Egypt,” he said. For Daash is Iraqi and most prominent Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his deputy Afri. ” 

“In their appeals, terrorists use the word ‘bride’ and are meant to be a suicide bomber, but most of them are fleeing,” he said. 

“The Turks tried to secure guarantees in the battle as well as in Mosul, but they did not succeed and the Turkish forces entered Baasheqa. They were part of this goal, but the Iraqi government is determined to withdraw,” Zamili said. These forces. ” 

“The Peshmerga tightened the siege from the north of Tal Afar and arrested al-Awash and their families,” he said. 

“The anti-terrorism apparatus for its high training and practice in the constant fighting in the cities has given it the southern axis of its similarity to the old Mosul,” Zamili said, denying that there was “a selection of popular factions in the battle of Tal Afar.” 

He added that “Turkey and America were opposed to entering the crowd Tal Afar , “denying” the existence of an attempt to change the demographic in Tal Afar. ” 

and the remaining area controlled by Daesh in Iraq , Chairman of the Security representative said” left only about 2% of the non – liberated areas in Iraq and confined in Hawija and western Anbar. ” 

and accused” countries Neighboring by trying to infuse the popular crowd and clans with side differences “Pointing out that” 90% of Iraq’s oil and gas imports from the province of Basra and those affected by that “Al- 

Zamili said,” There are security leaders unfortunately busy with other aspects, such as trade and garages and the treatment of those involved in corruption issues and is not interested in the security file “Noting that” the status of Basra is worrying and the intelligence service did not enter into deep details in the work of foreign companies in the province. ” 

He stressed that” the security of Basra, confusion and clan differences is not usual, but on contracts and smuggling of oil and some of them linked to certain agendas and need to force strikes with an iron hand, To the regiment of the anti-machine Terrorism to control the security of the province. ” 

“The crowd is at least 152,000, and those who receive salaries are 122,000. Some of the fighters in the crowd are oppressed,” Zamili said, adding that “the crowd’s budget is no less than the Ministry of the Interior and estimated at $ 1 billion. 

“The return of the head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al – Maliki for prime minister after losing the third mandate and the street looking for a new prime minister and even he (Maliki) said he is not willing to run for office,” adding that “the Islamic Dawa Party is dissident and we are in the Sadrist movement Close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi because he presented something to Iraq, the liberation of Iraqi territory. ” 

He pointed out that “our problem with Maliki for his policy and performance and not personal,” stressing, “We have not yet taken our position from a second term for slaves.” 

“Maliki can not return to the premiership and may get very few votes,” Zamili said. “It is impossible to enter Maliki and Abadi on a single list and I challenge either of them to do so.” Abadi is expected to leave the Dawa Party and form a new list. 

He warned the leader of the Liberal bloc strongly from “armed and bloody clash by the use of weapons in order to gain power and there are those who try to gain power and votes in any way to counterfeit and impose influence by force of arms.” 

“If an independent non-party election commission is not elected, Iraq will return to the worst conditions,” he warned. 

“We want a block of sectarian and close to the Sadrist movement today is the National Coalition (led by Iyad Allawi) and blocs Sunni and blocks of the National Alliance and the civil stream, and aspire to a majority to change what the Iraqi street wants.”


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