Iraqi Private Banking Association Concludes Training Course on “Corporate Risk Management”


Economy News _ Baghdad

The Iraqi Association of Private Banks concluded Thursday a training course entitled “Institutional Risk Management” organized by its headquarters in Baghdad and lasted for five days with the participation of 55 trainees from government, private and foreign banks and financial transfer companies with the participation of the Central Bank of Iraq.
The graduation ceremony was attended by the Director General of the Banking and Credit Control Department at the Central Bank, Qasim Saleh Ali, and the President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih Al-Hanal.
The director of management and training of the Association of Private Banks Ahmed al-Hashemi told “Economy News”, “The Association of Iraqi private banks concluded today a training course in institutional risk management, which was organized in cooperation with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh and the Arab International Community of Chartered Accountants,” adding that ” Session 55 people working in banks and financial transfer companies operating in Iraq. ”
“This session was held for the second time with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization and the Arab International Association of Chartered Accountants,” Al Hashimi said. “The training curriculum ensures risk management that is divided into market risk, operational risk, credit risk and the application of Basel elements and concepts. The certificate, which was given to the participants, is recognized internationally because it is issued by the Arab International Institute of Chartered Accountants. ”
He pointed out that “the Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks have a strategic plan to develop the banking sector through the work on human resources,” noting that “there is continued with trainees in the coming period to find out their needs in order to continue education.”
For its part, the Director General of Banking and Credit Control, Qassem Saleh, told “Economy News” that “the Central Bank pays great attention to the management of institutional risks within the Bank’s established banks operating in the country.” “We noted that progress has been made towards activating the subject of combating money laundering and compliance, And risk management by private banks is the result of cooperation between the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Iraqi private banks.
She called on the banks to “take care of financial inclusion and diversification of products, which leads to reduce the hoarding of the mass of cash among citizens and deposit with banks.”



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