Despite the international rejection .. Barzani insists on holding a “referendum” by its date

Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani during a meeting with the new German ambassador to Iraq Cyril Jan Nun and British Ambassador Frank Baker, the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region on the scheduled date on the twenty-fifth of next month.

“The German ambassador renewed during the meeting the support of the government and people of his country to the Kurdistan region,” said a statement to the presidency of the region, adding that “the region played an important role in the war against terrorism, which is of interest to Germany.”

The German ambassador expressed “his country’s fears of the date of the referendum,” stressing that “Germany wants to be in constant contact with the Kurdistan region.”

For his part, Barzani said that “the referendum is not the decision of a person or a specific party, but the right and decision of members of the citizens of Kurdistan and the people of Kurdistan should not be deprived of this right,” stressing that “the referendum will take place on time.”

“We have tried all the ways over the past century, but the partnership has not worked and the Iraqi governments have not wanted to partner at any time, and our people can not accept exclusion after all these sacrifices and repeat this failed experience,” he said. “We will continue the path of peace and dialogue with Baghdad on determining the future of relations and the question of the referendum. ”


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