Close to Barzani reveal the truth talk about the intentions to postpone the referendum

Policy     access_time 2017/08/24 16:23

Baghdad today:

KDP leader Ashwaq al-Jaf said on Thursday that the referendum would be held on schedule and there was no intention of postponing it until “one day.”

The dry for “Baghdad today,” that “what is published by the Arab and local media about the existence of an agreement to postpone or retreat from the referendum is incorrect and shameful for health, and the referendum will be on time and will not be delayed for one day only,” indicating that ” The referendum did not give us any date to conduct it later or any guarantees to hold the new date, this referendum will be scheduled, because there is no guarantees or alternative to it. “

She added that “all technical procedures and preparations for the referendum has been completed, and after Eid al-Doha will launch a campaign information and promotion of the referendum of Kurdistan, and this indicates that the referendum is in time not postpone it.”



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