Barzani: Referendum Not Revertible Unless Better Guarantee Offered  


Barzani: Referendum Not Revertible Unless Better Guarantee Offered  


ERBIL— Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani stated Tuesday that Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum will be held on time unless a better guarantee for independence of the people of Kurdistan is offered.

Barzani made the comment as he received Republican Congressman Ralph Abraham in Erbil.

Kurdistan President stated following countless sacrifices and undergoing several bitter and catastrophic experiences, the people of Kurdistan got disappointed with living within Iraqi borders, therefore, they chose to hold the independence referendum.

He described the right to hold the vote (set for September 25, 2017) as the natural right of the people of Kurdistan, underlining they “will not give up this right unless there is a guarantee better than referendum to attain independence.”

Barzani also told the US congressman that in the contemporary history of politics no forced annexation has lasted for good.

In the meeting, the US congressman commended the developments, coexistence and tolerance in Kurdistan and paid tribute to the role of Peshmerga forces in the war against the Islamic extremists.

Abraham stated it is an honor that the US soldiers are fighting the extremists side by side Peshmerga, adding his country appreciates the struggle and demands of the people of Kurdistan and supports them.

He promised to discuss the realities of Kurdistan as they are with the political leadership of his country.

Barzani also extended his gratitude to the US for its support in the critical moments that people of Kurdistan underwent and hoped the relations between the US Congress and Kurdistan persist.



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