Abadi describes the visit of the Kurdistan Region delegation to Baghdad positively


By Rudao 3 hours ago

Abadi describes the visit of the Kurdistan Region delegation to Baghdad positively
Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi

Roudao – Erbil ,

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, on Tuesday, visit the Kurdistan Region delegation to Baghdad positive, noting that ” the dialogue with the Kurdish delegation was very frank and I told them that we will reach an understanding only one Iraq.”

Abadi said at the weekly press conference that the dialogue with the Kurdish delegation was very frank and I told them that we will understand only one Iraq and this framework everything is subject to research in the problems and outstanding issues, some of which belong to the former regime, which committed crimes affected all components of the Iraqi people and Kurds in Iraq More than others in the region. ”

He pointed out that “our great hope of the Kurdish leadership and our Kurdish people to be in one unified Iraq, it is a key issue for the stability of the region and the security of the country,” pointing out that “he called the Kurds to be frank discussion before the citizens and we understand the aspiration of the Kurdish people for independence and this is respectable, but there is a constitution governing us “He said.

He continued by saying that “the visit and discussion with the Kurdish delegation is positive and hope that the reflection is good, but the concession will be for the people,” stressing that “the government is open and ready to discuss all files with the Kurds within the framework of one unified Iraq.”

“I would like to clarify the results of our visit to Baghdad to avoid publishing fabricated news, which has happened over the past few days,” he told a news conference Tuesday. “The delegation consists of representatives of most of the components of Kurdistan except for Change and the Islamic Group. And engage in dialogue with the Iraqi authorities and inform them that we have decided to hold the referendum on September 25 next. ”





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