The Association of Banks seeks to link local banks to the universal

22/8/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

Mobility extended to the world’s largest economies adopted by the Association of Iraqi private banks through communication with the best international banks in the United States to develop the domestic financial sector and make it more sophisticated and rival banks of the region

And the world.
The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Ali Tariq said: “Iraq, as all countries of the world have the size of large wealth and a large market for work to expand the global effort is not specified in various sectors of production and service, pointing out that many of the major companies around the world is considering that Iraq has a distinctive location starting For its production, which is marketed to the east and west of the globe. Fast services said in an interview with «morning» that this great effort Acherth Association is aware that any major efforts need to be developed banking sector offers fast services and can handle large numbers using advanced technology that began to be adopted by our banks gradually and under the supervision of the Central Bank ofIraq , which gives this The joint is particularly important  . Banks experiences Tariq pointed to discuss now with major US banks on the consolidation of joint cooperation between the two parties and the possibility of benefiting from major banks and their products and employment experiences to serve the local financial sector, indicating that the association is the arm , the Central Bank of Iraq and its functioning in coordination with this financial edifice , which has achieved great development in The technological field and by major financial institutions  . An Arab-American banking conference will be held in New York on October 16 and Iraq will have a large banking delegation, and there is great confidence between the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and the  US Treasury. Development paths, and Tariq that the work requires that we have development tracks going parallel I aims to attract advanced technology to all joints of banking, which in turn will change the form of the Iraqi financial sector, and the other track is the development of human resources working in this sector and make them able to advanced technologies, Pointing out that the training is continuous and the results come in accordance with the level of ambition and this makes us achieve the goals and indicate the existence of acceptable integration between the two tracks benefit the banks and the domestic financial sector  . Money laundering and the Minister Plenipotentiary for Economic Affairs at the US embassy Larry Mimut said , seen the activities carried out by the Iraqi Association of private banks , including charity and human capacity development working in the banking sector through training and specifically in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism file, and we will work with those who made it to develop, We encourage Iraqi banks to open relations with the Association of American Private Banks  . Tariq stressed that many private banks comply with international standards and have the ability and ability to open accounts with foreign correspondent banks because of its excellent staff, policies and procedures that are subject to international standards and integration of  services.


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