Barzani reveals two options in front of Kurdistan


Editorial Date: 2017/8/21 15:54 • 198 times read
(Arbil: Euphrates News) The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said that “all the methods tried with Baghdad.”
In his speech to university students in the Saad Abdullah Hall in the city of Arbil, Barzani added that “the Iraqi constitution provides that the territorial integrity of Iraq linked to the implementation of the Constitution.”
The head of the Kurdistan region that “we have two options, either independence, or accept that we govern Baghdad.”
Abizaid and Barzani, “I have already told former Vice President Joe Biden, that I will see the state of Kurdistan and in my life,” noting that “it is shameful that Baghdad talks about the Constitution, because they violated all the articles of the Constitution.”


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