Al-Khalidi promises to “delay” the referendum of Kurdistan, an attempt to “wrap” the rejection of the Iraqi people


(Independent) .. Description of the religious reference Jawad al-Khalisi talk about “postponement” of the referendum, “as an attempt to circumvent the national, regional and international position, which rejects the referendum party division in northern Iraq.”

A statement issued by al-Khalisi’s office quoted a military commander of the Peshmerga as saying that the political leadership in Iraqi Kurdistan, in respect of the alleged American support in its fight against terrorism, is prepared to postpone the date of the referendum provided that a fixed time is set for it. In the said person’s statement.

“The legitimacy of this referendum at any time, and the lack of legal obligation to anyone.”

Stressed that “the decision of the unity of Iraq is a decision fateful and sovereign, and all the people of Iraq, the referendum should include all Iraqis, in normal circumstances, and without threats and foreign interventions.”

The statement said that “the announcement of the parties paid to hold the referendum on their attachment to the Israeli project and shamelessly, but confirms that the goals drawn for this project is not related to the will of our brothers Kurds and their rights Almdihp, but the attempts of the Zionist entity in the last quarter of the life of their ominous state, , Which may help their entity gain some time. “

He explained that “the request to the United States to set the time of the referendum confirms the bias of the project to external parties, and away from belonging to the United Iraqi entity.”

The statement stressed that “such a scheme will not provide the Iraqi people in general and the Kurds in particular, but a bleak future, similar to the future of the Sudanese people in the isolated isolated south, which planned Zionist forces in the world to be dismissed under the pretext of winning the rights of the people there, A field of war and destruction and destruction, forcing millions of it to displacement at home and abroad, and this is not wish any sincere to the children of Iraq, especially our brothers in the north of Aziz.


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