URGENT UN says referendum on territory is illegal

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description of the Secretary General of the United Nations envoy in Iraq, Jan Kubis, Qaqrar Kurdistan region to hold a referendum to secede from Iraq as “not a legitimate”.
“The United Nations stresses the need to resolve the differences between the region and Baghdad through dialogue and negotiations,” Kubic said in a statement to an Iranian agency on Wednesday.
In response to a question on the legal background on which the referendum is based in the Kurdistan region, the UN envoy said that “the referendum in this region is illegal.”
“As for the UN vision, the important point it has always made is that any change or initiative must be based on the law,” he said, adding that “the United Nations believes that the constitution of Iraq is the only law on which the parties to the conflict must base themselves.”
The UN official stressed that the issue of the referendum did not appear in the Iraqi constitution. ”
Kubis added that” the United Nations, emphasizes the need to contain the current problems and settle disputes through negotiations and peaceful dialogue, and the resulting negotiations would be the basis for making all decisions the future. ” It is
noteworthy That a high-level Kurdish delegation arrived Monday from the Kurdistan region to the capital Baghdad and conducted a series of meetings with officials in the federal government and political leaders on the referendum on the independence of the region
All the data of the meeting to the need for unity of Iraq and the solution of problems between Baghdad and the region Balho Within the framework of constitutional and legal
It seems that the Kurdish delegation did not find in the response to accept the referendum, especially with the existence of international and regional rejection of him.


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