Deputy: Kurdish delegation asked Baghdad to solve the internal problems and the referendum

The National Alliance MP Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi on Wednesday expressed some of the contents of the visit of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad, noting that it had asked the Baghdad government to solve the internal problems of the region after increasing the pressure of the Kurdish masses to improve the economy and the provision of services.

Al-Saadawi said that “the visit of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad was not to discuss the referendum or separation, but came to resolve the problems experienced by the province and control the demonstrations that emerged days ago and still demanding salaries and services, especially in the sectors of health and education.”

He added that “the Kurdish street is very unhappy as a result of deteriorating economic conditions, the delegation carried the issue of the referendum for coverage and political maneuvering,” pointing out that “the coming period will see the region major changes on the political level and the election will change some faces.”

The delegation of the Supreme Council for the referendum of the Kurdistan region, which arrived in Baghdad on Monday, several meetings with government officials and leaders of parties and large political blocs to discuss the referendum and other files, while the Supreme Council refused to meet the Kurdish delegation for refusing to secede and fragmentation of the country.



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