Urgent .. Begin talks Abadi and the Kurdish delegation on the independence of Kurdistan

 Twilight News    

 19 minutes ago

A delegation representing the Supreme Council for Referendum in the Kurdistan Region met with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad. 

The referendum is scheduled for September 25. 

The delegation is holding crucial talks, including the three presidencies of the republic, the government and the parliament, as well as ambassadors of countries and foreign diplomatic bodies to explain the Kurds’ view on the referendum. 

The delegation includes a member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Rose Nuri Shaways President, members of the President of the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region Fouad Hussein, spokesman for the National Union of Kurdistan, Saadi Ahmed Bireh and member of the leadership of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan Mohammed Ahmed and the deputies in the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region of Turkmenistan Majed Osman and Christian Romeo Hakkari and Yazidi MP The Iraqi parliament is an outsider.

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