Nawras Telecom buys 14.7 billion shares from Arab Islamic Bank

Nooruz Telecom Company

Economy News Baghdad:

Nawroz Telecom’s owner, Kawa Abdullah Junaid, bought 14.7 billion shares of Arab Islamic Bank worth 14.7 billion dinars.

The Islamic Bank of Alilaf, in a book published on the site of the Iraqi Stock Exchange viewed by “Economy News”, that “Elaph to mediate in the sale and purchase of securities will implement a corresponding order intended to sell and buy shares of the Arab Islamic Bank in the time of the extra session on Sunday, Indicating that “the number of shares to be sold and bought is 14.750 billion shares worth 14.750 billion dinars.”

He added that “the name of the seller Kawa Abdullah Jneid and the name of the buyer Os Abdul Moneim Mahdi.”

The capital of Arab Islamic Bank 100 billion dinars and the price of one share dinars.


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