Kurdish negotiating delegation will enter Baghdad armed with this kind of powers .. No talk of cancellation or postponement

Policy access_time 2017/08/13 19:33

Baghdad today – Kurdistan

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) MP Saman Fattah said on Sunday that the Kurdish delegation that will visit Baghdad will have full negotiating powers over the referendum.

“The Kurdish delegation that will arrive in Baghdad tomorrow will have all the powers to negotiate,” Fattah said in an interview with Baghdad today. “Talk about canceling or postponing the referendum is difficult to implement because it has become a matter for the Kurdish people. Who decides that. “

He added that “the Kurds still believe that they are a major part of the components of the people, and this is embodied in the Iraqi constitution, which voted by the Kurds themselves,” noting that “the referendum, whether negative or positive, will not mean direct separation.”

A high-level Kurdish delegation is expected to arrive in Baghdad on Monday to discuss the referendum.

The governor of Kirkuk has announced today that the Kurdish delegation will represent Baghdad representing the Kurdistan region and Kirkuk within the region, which is a major obstacle to the referendum file, especially in light of Baghdad’s insistence that Kirkuk is a province of the center.


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