Before the arrival of the Kurdish delegation .. Leaders of the Shiite alliance held a meeting in the presence of Abadi

 Twilight News    

 18 minutes ago

The governing body of the National Alliance, representing the ruling Shiite component in Iraq Sunday evening, held a regular meeting in the presence of the leader of the coalition Ammar al-Hakim, and Prime Minister Haider Abadi.
The meeting comes at a time when a delegation from Kurdistan will visit Baghdad on Monday to negotiate the issue of the referendum.
The adviser of the President of the Kurdistan Region Huramifi said earlier that the delegation of the Higher Committee for the referendum in Kurdistan will visit Baghdad on Monday and will hold meetings with the three presidencies and ambassadors of countries and foreign diplomatic bodies in Baghdad to explain the point of view of the Kurds on the referendum to be held on September 25 next.
“It is scheduled to meet the three presidencies of the republic and the government and the House of Representatives and the Shiite alliance and the ambassadors and other parties, according to the tweet,” Hawrami wrote in his social networking site Twitter.

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