Urgent policy .. Movement of change identifies 5 demands and announce its position on the referendum


URGENT: Movement for Change sets 5 demands and declares its position on the referendum
11 minutes ago

Shafaq News / The Change Movement identified its demands on Saturday in its response to the call of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan to resolve outstanding political problems.
The National Council for Change Movement on Saturday held a meeting in the city of Sulaymaniyah to discuss the question of the referendum and resolve the crisis of parliament and relations with political parties, especially the Kurdistan Democratic Party.
The movement issued a statement after the meeting, which specified the demands on the invitation of the Democratic Party to hold meetings to resolve outstanding problems, especially the Parliament of Kurdistan.
The change changed its demands to “abolish the system of saving salaries,” and described it as illegal, “and work transparently with regard to the oil and gas file and according to Law 2 of 2015, the headquarters of the Parliament of Kurdistan on the formation of the Kurdistan Fund for energy imports.”
And touched on the change to the referendum file, and called for postponement of the process until the solution of internal problems.
The change also called for the return of the work of Parliament as it was in the past to regulate the laws in the province, and the enactment of a special law for the general elections in the region.




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