Parliament and determine the presidency of Kurdistan “temptations” Barzani to convince the opponents of the referendum

  Journal August 12, 2017

Baghdad Journal News
Revealed the movement of change Kurdish on Saturday, a meeting will be held within the next two days between the movement of change and the President of the Kurdistan region outgoing “Massoud Barzani” to resolve political differences and activate the Kurdish parliament and determine the law of the presidency of the region.
“Barzani is working hard to convince the Change Movement to join the negotiating team with Baghdad, but the movement rejects the referendum scheduled for September 25 at the moment,” MP Shirin Reza told the Journal News.
“The movement has set conditions but will not agree to hold a referendum and join the delegation,” she said.
Werat said: “Barzani fully realized that the referendum can be held only in case of activation of parliament.” Reza expressed her firm belief that “the movement will not come with the negotiating delegation to Baghdad, whatever the outcome of the meeting.”
The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said the negotiating team would visit Baghdad early next week.
“The negotiating delegation formed by the Kurdish parties will visit Baghdad early next week to discuss the referendum and shed light on the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil,” said the party’s deputy Ashwaq al-Jaf.
The head of the Kurdistan region (outgoing) Massoudi Barzani to hold a referendum on secession from Iraq on September 25, while facing the rejection of political forces and regional and major countries in addition to the Movement of Change and the Kurdistan Islamic Group.
It is noteworthy that the delegation that will visit Baghdad is a high-level and consists of 9 members and includes representatives of a number of political parties, Turkmen and Christians, except for representatives of the Movement for Change and the Islamic Group.


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