Kurdistan referendum delegation ends its meeting and declares: We have no red lines towards any party in Baghdad

 Twilight News    

 51 minutes ago
The delegation does not have any red lines toward any political party in Baghdad during a round of meetings in the Iraqi capital, a member of the negotiating delegation to Baghdad, appointed by the Supreme Committee for the referendum in the Kurdistan Region, Rose Nuri Shaways said on Saturday.
The delegation is scheduled to go this week to the capital Baghdad, and begin negotiations with the three presidencies, parties and political forces on the decision of the referendum of Kurdistan scheduled to be held on September 25 next.
“The agenda of the delegation and all the topics and preparations have been completed,” Shaways said after a meeting held by the delegation members in Arbil and attended by Shafak News, adding that the delegation will visit Baghdad soon for negotiations.
He added that “the purpose of the visit is to deliver the decision and vision of the Kurdistan Region on the conduct of the referendum, and identify violations of the law committed by the federal government.”
For his part, said a member of the delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Saadi Bireh at the conference, that “even if the movement does not participate and the Islamic Group within the negotiating delegation, their opinion is positive and support the delegation.”
A member of the delegation of the faction Yazidi Kurds Vian Dakhil that the delegation will meet with all parties and political blocs in Baghdad, and will inform them that the referendum is a natural and legitimate right of Kurdistan.
She added that the delegation decided that there are no red lines in the negotiations in Baghdad, and expressed his wishes that the Movement for Change and the Islamic Group within the delegation.
The Dakhil that there is another meeting will be held today President of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani with the negotiating delegation.


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