Expectations of the failure of the referendum negotiations with Baghdad

Journal August 12, 2017

Baghdad – Journal News
The Kurdistan Alliance, on Saturday, the lack of success of the negotiations supposed to be conducted between the federal government and the Kurdish delegation expected to visit Baghdad.
The MP in the coalition, Zana Said, in a statement to «Journal News» that “a delegation of some Kurdish parties that agreed with the outgoing president of the Kurdistan region,” Massoud Barzani, “to hold the referendum will go to Baghdad.
He added that “the agenda of this delegation includes discussing the subject of the referendum and persuade Baghdad to approve it.”
He stressed that “this delegation comes at a time when the Kurdish parties a situation of dispersion is incompatible with them there is no unity or legal basis for this delegation as the Kurdistan Regional Parliament is currently disabled.”
He stressed that “Baghdad will not interact positively with the agenda of this delegation at the time of all regional countries advise to negotiate with the federal government in order to resolve the outstanding issues between the parties before the referendum.”
He also pointed out that “the delegation that is heading to Baghdad is not certain that it will be successful because it does not express the opinion of all factions and Kurdish parties and does not express the opinion of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region.”
A high-level Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad, including representatives of a number of political parties, Turkmen and Christians, with the exception of representatives of the Change Movement and the Islamic Group.



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