Tillerson calls Barzani and asks to postpone the referendum .. The latter looking for guarantees and alternative

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asked Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani to postpone the referendum on the separation of the two minorities, scheduled to be held on the 25th of next month, during a telephone conversation between them on Friday.

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region in a statement, said that “the US Secretary of State told the President of the Kurdistan Region, he would prefer to postpone the referendum in the Kurdistan Region,” asserting “his support for dialogue and talks between the region and Baghdad.”

He praised the US Secretary of State, according to the statement, “the forces of Peshmerga Kurdistan in the defeat of terrorists, calling and bless the victories of the Peshmerga,” and at the same time “offered condolences to the families and families of Peshmerga who sacrificed their lives and martyred during the war against terrorism.

He also praised Tilerson on “the decision of President Barzani and political leaders in Kurdistan to form a high delegation from the Kurdistan region to send to Baghdad to discuss the political issues,” and announced that “prefer to postpone the referendum in the Kurdistan Region” and reiterated his support for “dialogue and dialogue between the region and Baghdad.”

On the other hand, Barzani, “thanked the US Secretary of State,” praising “the aid and aid provided by the United States to the Peshmerga forces in the war against the terrorists are urging.”

He also stressed that “a high delegation from the region will visit Baghdad soon to discuss on issues related to the future relations between Kurdistan and Baghdad.”

On the call to postpone the referendum, President Barzani said to the US Secretary of State, “The coexistence sought by Kurdistan in the past at different stages with the State of Iraq has not been implemented, so the people of Kurdistan decided to take another route to him.”

Barzani added that “the question is what is the guarantee and alternative for the future and determine the fate of the people of Kurdistan in return for postponing the referendum?”.

The two sides also decided to “continue cooperation and coordination and continue relations in all steps and future political developments.”



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