of US aircraft and tanks stationed near Tal Afar to oversee the liberation process


US planes and tanks stationed near Tal Afar to oversee the liberation process
one hour ago

US forces accompanied by US warplanes with armored wheels and combat equipment arrived at the Kheriz military base in the Kask area near Tal Afar.
The military source responsible, revealed the establishment of a US military base near the district of Tal Afar, to support the operations of the Iraqi army expected to restore the district of Tal Afar, which is controlled by the Islamic state terrorist organization.
An Iraqi air force commander said 10 US warplanes, three of the Galaxy S-5 and the rest of the Boeing C-47, loaded with combat equipment, weapons boxes and dozens of military advisers, landed Thursday morning at the base of Khariz in the Al-Kask axis west of Mosul, About the center of the district of Tal Afar 35 kilometers.
He added that 15 tanks of the type of Lion of Babylon, 7 tanks of the type T 72, and 9 tanks of the type Chftn, arrived during the past two days to the same base in the preparations for the liberation of Tal Afar district of the organization of the Islamic state.
US forces have been stationed at the base to join advisers who previously arrived in armored vehicles to and from the site.
The military base is to be used to oversee the liberation of Tall Afar (Ninewa) province from the control of the terrorist Islamic State Organization.
Since the end of the battle in Mosul on July 10, Iraqi forces are preparing to launch an attack on Tal Afar, but it is not clear when the military campaign will begin.
The target area is a 60 km long front and a width of about 40 km. It consists of the town of Tal Afar (Tal Afar district center) and the towns of Ayadiyah and Al-Halabiya, as well as 47 villages.
The US-led international coalition is conducting air strikes inside and around Tal Afar, paving the way for Iraqi forces, which announced last Sunday to end preparations for military action.



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