“No to referendum” campaign expands in Sulaymaniyah


The Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari told members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party that the referendum on the separation of the territory from the country is not in the interest of the unity of Iraq, in the meantime stressed the members of the party the need for continued dialogue between the political parties, and the rejection of the central Iraqi authorities referendum Kurdistan region, Some powers in the region.

As soon as al-Jaafari confirmed the rejection of the referendum, in the province of Sulaymaniyah, there were voices calling for a halt to the operation for the time being.

The parliamentarians, politicians and academics in the region launched a campaign entitled “No to the referendum now,” stressing that this step does not serve the interests of the Kurds. The Minister of Agriculture of the Kurdistan Region, Abdul Sattar Majid, to postpone the referendum process for a period of one year, stressing the need to ensure food security for the region in the event of neighboring countries close their border ports or cut off water to the region.

Majeed said in a symposium «we asked the Kurdistan Regional Government to postpone the process of holding the referendum for a year», explaining that «the request aims to make room for adequate preparations to ensure food and water security for the Kurdistan region».

Majid said: “These measures must be taken to face any emergency in the event of closure of neighboring countries border ports or cut water on the Kurdistan region.” He stressed «the need to improve the conditions of citizens living and allocate adequate budget for the agricultural sector to be able to secure food security».



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