US military reinforcements arrive in Iraq to support the liberation of Tal Afar


An Iraqi officer confirms the arrival of 10 US warplanes and dozens of military advisers to the base of Khariz axis Alksk west of Mosul.

The Arabs [Posted on 2017/08/10]

Iraqi counterterrorism expects the Tal Afar battle to be easy

Nineveh (Iraq) – An Iraqi army officer arrived Thursday at a military base near the district of Tal Afar, 60 km west of the city of Mosul, the center of the province of Nineveh (north).

An official military source revealed Wednesday that a US military base had been established near Tal Afar to support the Iraqi army’s planned operations to restore Tal Afar, which has been controlled by Da’ash since 2014.

“10 US warplanes, three of the Galaxy C5 and the rest of the Boeing C-47, loaded with combat equipment, weapons boxes and dozens of military advisers, landed Thursday morning at the Khariz base at the Al-Kask axis,” said Capt. Mustafa Safok al-Juhaishi of the Iraqi Air Force. West of Mosul, and is away from the center of Tal Afar 35 kilometers. “

The Iraqi officer said that “15 tanks of the type of Lion of Babylon, and seven tanks of the type T-72, and 9 tanks of the type Chftn, arrived during the past two days to the same base in the preparations for the liberation of Tal Afar district of the organization is calling.

It was not immediately possible to obtain comment from the Iraqi authorities or the US on what the Iraqi officer said.

Al-Juhaishi denied reports of the execution of the Iraqi Air Force or the international coalition to fight the US-led “Daqash” inside the territory still under the control of Daash in Nineveh.

He stressed that “the military action is continuing to complete the combat preparations that ensure the success of this battle, and expedite the resolution for the benefit of Iraqi forces.”

The head of the Iraqi “counterterrorism” agency, a special unit of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, predicted Thursday that the battle to restore Tal Afar district in the north of the country would not be “difficult.”

“The battle for the liberation of Tal Afar will be easy for the counter-terrorism forces,” the group said.

“Our forces have led confrontations in all locations based on the experience of their elements in dealing with terrorist networks and managed to achieve victory.”

“We have all the details about the status of a preacher in Tal Afar district as well as the geographical nature and how to deal with terrorists, in addition to dealing with civilians and preserving their lives,” Shagati added.

The international coalition is conducting air strikes inside and around Tal Afar to pave the way for Iraqi forces, which last Sunday announced the completion of their preparations for the battle of Tal Afar.

The district of Tal Afar is located in northwestern Iraq, bordered to the north by Dohuk governorate, from the east by Sinjar district, from the west by Mosul district and from the south by Hadar district.

Tal Afar is estimated to have a population of 205,000, according to 2014 estimates. The majority of Turkmans live in the city of Tal Afar.

The Iraqi forces, with the support of the International Coalition, completed, on July 10 last, the restoration of the city of Mosul from “Daash,” after a military campaign lasted about 9 months.

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