Iraq and Jordan sign agreement for political consultations


Release date: 2017/8/10 23:47 • 28 times read
Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi signed an agreement Thursday between Baghdad and Amman on political consultations between the two countries.
The al – Jaafari , according to a statement to his office at a depth of fraternal relations between the two countries, praising Jordan ‘s stances in support of Iraq in its war against terrorism, saying: We thank Jordan for its support of Iraq, he has stood us in many areas, and voted for us in the Arab League. ”
He added , ” We aspire Jordan plays an important role in supporting Iraq in the reconstruction and construction, also it played an important role in supporting Iraq ‘s confrontation against Daesh gangs terrorist, adding that he had asked for more efforts to take care of our children Iraqis and daughters in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. ”
for his part, Foreign Minister of land N: We stand by Iraq and we are proud to be at his side in the battle against terrorism and to be part of Iraq in the battle of the restoration of the important role. ”
He pointed out that ”
The security of Iraq and its stability in the eyes of the King and Jordan is an essential corner of the security and stability of the region and then stand by Iraq is to stand by the security and stability of the region, and that the war on terrorism is a war we all fight in defense of our home and our peoples and our values ​​and ethics, Al- Safadi said: “We support the Iraqi brothers in their political process aimed at consecrating the state of citizenship that provides, allows and allows all the Iraqi people to build their state.” Or the effort that brings us together in the framework of our international relations and within the framework of the international coalition and within the framework of the Arab effort to eradicate this scourge and liberate our peoples and our region. ”


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