Barzani Party in response to Iraqi MPs reject the referendum .. Do you want more wars and blood?!


Policy access_time 2017/08/10 12:00

Baghdad today – Baghdad

Kurdistan Democratic Party MP Najibah Najib said on Thursday that the Iraqi government had no choice but to talk to the Kurds about the referendum, while addressing deputies who objected to the referendum, asking whether they want more war and bloodshed.

Najib said in an interview with (Baghdad today) that “the Iraqi government has no alternative other than the option of dialogue with the Kurds,” adding that “after 14 years of failure of partnership with the federal government, the Kurdish people have generated the conviction that it is time to determine their fate.”

Najib asked, “What do you want MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar or anyone who declares against the Kurds do they want more wars and blood.”

She pointed out that “the Kurds after their arrival to the stage of despair decided to question the opinion of their people and leave the choice to the people, whether rejection or acceptance.”

In a statement to Baghdad News Agency, the MP on the coalition of state law, Jassem Mohammed Jaafar, on Thursday, the announcement of the Kurdistan Regional Government to postpone the referendum on secession from Baghdad, formally in exchange for the reception of the President of the region Massoud Barzani in Baghdad.

“The Kurdish delegation, which intends to visit Baghdad, will not welcome it and accept it, unless the regional government officially announces a postponement of the referendum on secession,” Jaafar said. “Whatever the Kurds try to insist on the referendum, we will reject it.”

He added that “the threats of the Kurds to proceed with the referendum, without listening to Baghdad, harm the Kurds more than they benefit in achieving their ambitions.”

“The Kurdish message to the president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, has destroyed his hopes of building a Kurdish state in his name,” he said. As he put it


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