Ahmed reveals the private sectors covered by the Social Insurance Law


Date of release: 2017/8/9 9:20525 times prescribed
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) revealed the Director General of the General Department of Retirement Ahmed Saadi sectors that will include pension pension in the draft social insurance law approved by the Council of Ministers and sent to Parliament for approval.
“The purpose of the legislation of the law to achieve equality between workers in the public and private sectors by (100%) and their services are equal and the same minimum retirement and the same benefits and the rest of the procedures,” noting that “the government’s goal of enacting this law to revive the private sector And the inclusion of more citizens to retire. ”
He added that “the Ministry of Finance indicated in its survey that there are {5} million people working in the private sector as a construction worker and taxi driver and other workers and no guarantee for them,” pointing out that “this law will ease the pressure on the government on the issue of appointments.”
On the issue of the granting of salaries to the disabled in Iraq between Saadi “there is a care for people with special needs belonging to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs established for the care of disabled and has started its work last year and is concerned with more than service for the disabled, as well as the granting of a salary to help them and a salary for the disabled during terrorist acts or injury at work or Obstetric disability “.
“With regard to terrorist acts, the General Pension Authority is concerned with his salary as well as the salaries of injured government employees.”
Saadi said, “There is no truancy in the number of transactions, but an increase in the numbers and completed about [78] thousand and 70 treatment for the martyrs of the victims of terrorism and received the [210] thousand citizens identity of his family that was martyred in terrorism.”
He continued, “We have completed about [5] thousands and {162} treatment of the martyrs of the popular crowd and about [14} thousand and {188} treatment of the martyrs of the army and about [17} thousand and [122] treatment of the martyrs of the Internal Security Forces,” adding that ” As statistics for pension transactions did not review the martyrs’ families amounted to more than (1004) treatment of the martyrs of the army has completed their transactions and their families did not review the retirement department.
The cabinet voted in its first Tuesday of this August to approve the draft Social Insurance Law, which guarantees whereby all workers in the private sector receive apension corresponding to the salaries of pensions for state employees, in addition to ensuring the families of martyrs rights so as to ensure a source suitable for their livelihood. ”
He called on Prime Minister Haider Abadi Parliament to accelerate the enactment of this law for the importance of citizens and the Iraqi economy
The parliamentary finance committee estimated the 900,000 workers retired in the private sector social security under this law.


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