No .. The start of the first political movement in Kurdistan against the referendum

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Baghdad today: 
In the Kurdistan region, today, the first Kurdish political movement, against the referendum bears the name “no _ at the moment”, with the participation of political figures, writers and journalists.
The movement, which was taken from the city of Sulaymaniyah, refused to rule on the date of holding the referendum by a group of Kurdish parties on June 7, in light of the suspension of the Kurdish parliament for two years by armed forces Party. ”
He described the statement of mobility, which was seen by (Baghdad today) referendum as “illegal and lacks the legal basis and the national consensus,” accusing the parties to him to cause the division of the population of the Kurdistan region, to the front of “No” and “Yes” sharply instead of collecting them on the issue National unity in a fateful case.
He also accuses the “Yes” front, using the large party media and shadow media, affiliated with it to call for a referendum. The movement stresses that the “No” party, which rejects the referendum, supports the independence of Kurdistan and the rule of law and the establishment of a just democratic state, but believes that the current time is not appropriate to hold the referendum, and the whole process is “a step contrary to the historical goals of the Kurdish people.”
Al-Hayak stressed that the referendum “is a terrible historical mistake and aims to destroy the dream of independence and the establishment of an independent state in accordance with a fair democratic republic.” He warned that the referendum “leads to more divisions and divisions and leads the Kurdish people to more tragedies.”
“The referendum includes the dangers of bloody armed clashes, and instead of providing support for the cause of the Kurdish people could lead to the expulsion of the international and regional allies from the Kurds,” the movement’s statement said. Intifada (1991) by imposing it on the people. ” He also stressed that the coverage of the problem of the presidency of the region and the failures of the provincial government, constitute the immediate target of the referendum, in addition to “seeking to monopolize and occupy the future of the people and the abduction of the file of independence and use for the benefit of political elite and specific political families in the long term.”
And demands the movement (not _ at the moment), “cancel the decision of the referendum (September 25), to be held referendum independence in the Kurdistan region, at the time required by the controls and entitlements of independence, after the consolidation of the pillars of a democratic state successful, Constitution and a social contract that believes coexistence in Kurdistan, “calling on” voters to vote (no), in the event of the insistence of the Kurdish authorities to hold the referendum. ”


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