Maliki’s coalition demands the arrest of Massoud Barzani during his upcoming visit to Baghdad on the tenth of August

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Baghdad today: 
A coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki, on Tuesday, the arrest of the Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani immediately after his arrival in the capital Baghdad on a visit expected to be held on the tenth of this year at the head of a Kurdish government delegation to the dialogue on the referendum of the region, calling on the Iraqi government not to negotiate with Barzani being a loser of legitimacy.
The leader of the coalition Mohamed Chihod told “Baghdad today,” that “the public prosecutor is required to move a lawsuit and an arrest warrant against Barzani being a thief of Iraqi oil and a conspirator of Iraq and accused of treason, it is the duties of the prosecution,” noting that “there are no solutions between Baghdad and Erbil As long as the negotiations with Barzani is an illegitimate president and the government not to negotiate with him at all, and refused to receive him. ”
The Chihod said that “the problems between the center and the region must be resolved between the Kurds representing the Kurdistan Union Party and the Movement for Change and other parties, as well as the Democratic Party, not belonging to the Barzani family that stole the rights of the Kurds and Iraqis,” explaining that “dialogue with Barzani is a waste of time is an illegitimate president And does not represent the Kurds, but represents international parties conspiring against Iraq. ”
The Supreme Council for the referendum in the Kurdistan region on Monday, the formation of a high-level delegation will leave to Baghdad to discuss the referendum file formally.
“The meeting agreed to form a high-level delegation and prepare a work program to discuss the referendum file in the Iraqi capital,” the Supreme Council for the Referendum said in a statement after the meeting, chaired by provincial president Massoud Barzani and the inclusion of various forces.
And held in Erbil earlier in the day a meeting headed by the leader of the province Massoud Barzani to name members of the delegation, who will visit Baghdad later.
The media adviser in the Office of the Presidency of the province Kifah Mahmoud said recently that the Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad before the tenth of August.
It is likely that the delegation will be headed by Massoud Barzani and his deputy, Kosrat Rasool. There were no official assurances from the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region on this.
The Kurdistan Democratic Party has revealed to Baghdad today, the date and details of the upcoming visit of a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to discuss the file of the referendum on independence, while stressing that it will carry a letter to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi.


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