International Coalition: There is no truth to the allegations of targeting the popular mobilization forces near the Iraqi-Syrian border

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Baghdad today – Baghdad
Spokesman for the International Alliance, Brig. Gen. Ryan Dillon, denied that the coalition aircraft bombed the Popular Forces near the Iraqi-Syrian border.
“Allegations of coalition strikes against the popular crowd forces near the Iraqi-Syrian border are inaccurate,” Dillon said in a twitter comment on his Twitter account. “There have been no strikes there in the past few hours.”
The “Brigades of martyrs,” one of the formations of popular mobilization, announced yesterday the deaths and injuries of the formation fighters, a US air strike near the Iraqi-Syrian border.
“The picture is not yet clear about the US bombing, and the investigation is underway to find out where the bombing was taking place inside Iraqi or Syrian territory. It is a joint desert area,” spokesman Ahmad al-Asadi said. Pending the ongoing official investigations by the Authority and the competent authorities. ”


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